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About the Repository
The Game Save Repository was created by one guy who was annoyed that there werent any place that had a nice repository of where games kept their save files.

What you see here is the result. This website is fully operational as it is but there's always room for improvements.

Next on the agenda would be allowing users to create accounts to keep track of added games and similar features.
About Save Locations
Most games store their save files in your account profile directory.
Since this makes the path change depending on what your account is called there exists a nice little variable which, when typed in an address field is automatically replaced by your account name.

This variable is used in the paths provided here and is as follows: %userprofile%
You can try and enter this into an explorer address field and see what happens.

You can also add sub-directories behind it that exists in your account directory.

Then there are some games that are special. They store their game files in a special folder called appdata.
This folder exist on all windows system and contains lots of tucked away files for various games and programs.
By entering %appdata% into an address field you will be brought to that folder.

Then there might be games that store their saves in the installation directory (default for most programs is "program files" on your C: drive)
When this happens the variable %installdir% will be used in the save path.
But this isn't something your computer will recognize. You will have to manually replace this with the path to the games folder.

For example, if the game Tetris is installed in the folder tetris in Program Files on the C drive, and the save path says %installdir%/saves
You would have to replace %installdir% with c:/program files/tetris
So the final path would look like this: c:/program files/tetris/saves
- Hovering over this icon shows when the game was first added to the database.
- Hovering over this icon shows when the entry was last edited. Entries without this icon have never been edited.
- This icon is displayed along with games that are recomended. You should try those if you like that kind of game!
- This icon is displayed on new entries that have yet to be verified. The information may be incorrect or not follow the preferred format.
- This icon is shown along entries which has all the additional information filled in. This includes Developer, Publisher, Release Year and a relevant website address.
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