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Subtitles should be separated from the main title with a hyphen.
RPG: Are there rpg elements, like levels or skills?
RTS: Real Time Strategy
TBS: Turn Based Strategy
Puzzle: Do you solve puzzles of some kind?
Shooter: Do you shoot things at other things?
Simulation: Is the game supposed to simulate reality?
Sandbox: Are you free to go wherever you want?
Adventure: Do you go on quests or perform tasks of some kind?
Sports: Is the focus to simulate one or more sports?
Action: Is there lots of action?
Horror: Is it scary?
Racing: Do you race with vehicles of some kind?
First-person: Is the game seen from the eyes of a character?
Third-person: Is the game seen from behind a character?
Sidescrolling: Is the game viewed from the side like Super Mario?
Top-down: Is the game viewed from above?
Platform: Do you jump from platforms to other platforms?
Other: None of the above?
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